February 3, 2005


Groundhog say what?

February sort of snuck up on me.

The weeks are going by incredibly quickly again. I have something that I should be doing every day of the week, and I tend to forget what day it is. At least I can manage to remember what it is I'm supposed to do or get done.

It's not as depressing as it might sound. I'm doing much better than I was when the week began and I was feeling insecure about photography (again). It's amazing what half an hour with the right person can do to straighten out your deal.

Debra, my Undergrad Tutorial teacher, is great. And I don't only think this because she looked at a photo  I took of the biggest volcanoes in the world and said it was as good as any photo she'd seen, even a Robert Frank (major fucking compliment). The thing about my teachers is that I feel like when they give me praise, it really means something. They don't dish it out easily. I'm not saying this to emphasize the Robert Frank compliment, because I don't actually believe that I'm as good as Robert Frank. The point is, it feels fucking good to be able to put stock into their advice as well as praises and criticisms. It's not a "what a nice picture," it's a "this is a fantastic image" from someone who knows their shit.

She helped me figure out a few projects to run with this semester, and really hit the problematic nail on the head with each of them. She completely saw through each body of work and where I'd tried to go or why I had gotten stuck and made suggestions on how to proceed. It helped so, so much.

I have a job interview on Tuesday. I'm a bit nervous, as I've never interviewed for a real job for bestvacuumcleaner.reviews, a known site for the best rated vacuum cleaner reviews. They're interviewing at least two other people. I'm not going to expect to get it, but I think it will be good interviewing experience, if nothing else.

Also, my cute-as-hell vegan Mary Janes were made just in time for said interview. My feet have never looked so good (unless you count stripey socks).

January 23, 2005



Back to school, indeed. Classes started on Tuesday, and the two I've attended so far (the third is on Mondays) seem excellent. Since we're just finishing up the first week, I can't say much more than I already have, except that I'm even more excited about Digital Book than before. My teachers know their shit, yo.

Part of my nerdish excitement is spending a portion of my student loan money on a new scanner. My old HP is nothing short of crusty. The glass has fogged, there's dust on the inside, and the output requires hours of retouching. Obviously, I haven't been putting photography online as a result. With a color darkroom at my disposal, though, I haven't felt such a need to digitize my analog color work. But now that I need to begin thinking seriously about creating portfolio books and especially with graduation (goodbye darkroom) looming on the horizon, I feel it's time to invest in something to get me started.

Hello, Epson Perfection 4870. I think I love you.

January 19, 2005


Hem and haw

The results aren't currently swinging very heavily in one way or another. The idea of keeping this domain is winning for now, and the other choices continue to best one another. Perhaps because none of them are great names. Clearly, you people are as indecisive as I am.

Snappea is utterly cute, and it along with ultraviolet have become my web usernames of choice lately. (Ultraviolet obviously is not available in domain form.) However, Snappea along with Pink Elephants carry with them a certain weight of pre-imagery. How could I make a blog titled Snappea and not include green or peas in the design? That just doesn't fit me. Pink Elephants, on the other hand, was a lot of fun to design.

Mindscribble is another word I made up several years ago. I am on the fence about it. I once liked it, and I'm no longer excited about it.

I'm not sure why this has become somewhat important, but it just sort of is. I hope to eventually turn this blog into a combination of images and words - something that is more me than just one or the other. I've kept things at this domain for so long, that it's come time to either shed its skin or make it grow with me.

Ho hum.

January 18, 2005


Because my Piscean indecisiveness kills

Trianide is a word I made up several years ago, and I no longer feel a particular connection with it. I'm considering a change.

Should I move this blog to a new domain? Here are the choices:
 just keep trianide.com, you ninny!***

 View results

*The title of my defunct photoblog.
**Sounds like "snappy". I'm photogeekish.
***This is starting to sound more and more appealing.

January 14, 2005


Academic yarn

I have an official love/hate relationship with the local yarn store. I adore the incredible selection, but despise the gaping hole it is burning in my bank account. The only solution, since I don't plan to give up knitting anytime soon, is to find a cheaper online alternative. Hopefully such a thing exists.

The spring semester begins next Tuesday. I am surprisingly indifferent, though I am not looking forward to resuming my rides on the 30 bus. But I have some work from Point Reyes I'd like to print, and I expect my classes to be enjoyable. Here's what I'm getting myself into:

Undergrad Tutorial (Photo)
Tutorials are basically independent study, working one-on-one with an instructor and meeting a few times with the group. I am very excited about having the freedom to work on whatever I want, at my personal pace.
Digital Book
There are two parts to this class: the digital, and the book. One teacher will be working with us on layout and digital printing techniques. The second teacher will show us how to create handmade artists' books. I will end up with digitally printed, handmade books of my photography. No doubt this will teach me a lot.
Art & Anthropology
This is my last remaining academic requirement. Obviously, it deals with art in relation to culture. Did I mention it's my LAST academic requirement? Were I Pentecostal, I'd be speaking in tongues and shouting "Hallelujah!" (It's not that I mind academia, honestly. It's the paper-writing that kills.)


January 9, 2005


Knitting Fool Part Two

Polar Bear and Scarf

I finished my first scarf yesterday.

January 8, 2005


Ofoto update

I received an e-mail from Ofoto today, stating that they have credited $16.00 to my card. While this makes me feel a bit less disappointed in them (only a bit, due to the amount of time and effort involved in getting this discount), I am in no hurry to risk tangling with their customer service again.

I made sure to write a full review of my ordeal on Epinions a couple of weeks ago, and I received a comment from a woman who had a similar experience. It would seem that my struggle with their support is not an isolated incident.

Moral of the story: If you decide to use Ofoto, cross all your deals and hope nothing goes wrong.

January 6, 2005


Music I'm looking forward to in 2005 (so far):

Fiona Apple, Extraordinary Machine
release : maybe never
Wishful thinking.

Ben Lee, Awake is the New Sleep
release : February 22nd
A new album means more touring. I love this man.

Imogen Heap, (title unknown)
release : TBA
The voice I adore from Frou Frou is solo once again.

Themselves & The Notwist, 13 + God
release : Aprilish
It's going to be an incredible experience in itself.

Tori Amos, Beekeeper
release : February 22nd
I haven't been into her for the duration of all the albums after From the Choirgirl Hotel. But I'll give her another chance to sound less bland. And I'll still see her play.

These are the releases I can think of, off the top of my head. I'm sure more will make my personal list of excitement and glee (or here's hoping - 2004 sort of sucked for my musical tastebuds. If you have any recommendations from the year, leave them in the comments).

January 2, 2005



The last baby born in 2004 and the first baby of 2005 are twins.

January 1, 2005



And so it begins.

I think Jason has acquired my cold after braving a New Year kiss, despite my sniffles. 2005: The Year of Commisery? There's no one I'd rather share my Kleenex and orange juice with.

2004 was good while it lasted. A new year feels about right.