November 22, 2004


I don't get many hits these days, what with updating sporadically and all, so perhaps this call for suggestions will only be answered with an astounding echo of my own typing and clicking of the 'Publish Post' button.

However, I need new blogs to read. Comment with suggestions, someone or somebody, if you're out there.


Wil said...

The rest is in my linklist.

2:09 AM  
baystar_one said...


and if you're desperate:

good luck out there.


7:14 AM  
me said...

don't know if you already read these, but:


11:42 AM  
me said...

oh yes.

see also:

11:44 AM  
Phillips01 said...

Hold on, give me a few minutes. I just got here!

3:51 PM  
Mo said...

Hi! I am new and I found your blog because of 'Interest: Photography' and 'Favorite Movies: Whale Rider'. I used to have a non-english weblog. Finally after more than a year, I convinsed myself[!] to write again, this time in English. I suggest my weblog, although it is very very young ;-)

9:20 AM  

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