December 6, 2004

Call me domesticated and I'll sock you

Lately I've turned into a dessert-making fool. First came the vegan white chocolate chip cookies. Those took a while to eat, even loading some off on friends and classmates. Then came the chocolate oatmeal peanut butter no-bake cookies for my Documentary class's Thanksgiving potluck. I had many leftovers and we ate them happily.

Tonight I'm trying my hand at a vegan pumpkin pie, and I'm using the leftover pie mix in an attempt to fudge a pumpkin muffin recipe. (Yeah, that's vegan too. Shut up.)

I've discovered that I really enjoy baking. It's somewhat relaxing and reminds me of a science experiment (likely because I have no idea what the hell I'm doing), but with tastier results.

Maybe next semester I'll bake for stress relief and bring it all to school for my classmates and teachers to eat. Now there's a way to make friends and get good grades.

"Paper? What paper? Have a cookie! It's vegan!"


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