December 12, 2004

Feel the burn

Kicking off the final week of classes tomorrow are my final critique for Documentary Story and the Art History C final exam. Monday afternoon and Tuesday will be spent writing papers.

Darcy, my documentary teacher, came over to our apartment today to help me edit. I can't express how completely grateful I am to be getting an education where my teachers are so eager to see work and give valuable, honest input. And the fact that Darcy was willing to take time out of her Sunday to come hang out at my house and look at photos meant a lot to me. She edited my Mary & Eugene series beautifully, and in such a way that adding/subtracting one or two images can completely change the series from emotional/abstract to more editorial. It was a serious lesson in editing. Getting that kind of personal attention is so excellent and inspiring.

Maybe my baked goods plot should be revised into luring more great people to my house... I will take over the art world with deliciousness!


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