December 27, 2004

Ofoto bad

Using, I created and ordered four 2005 calendars on December 15th. They were meant to be Christmas presents for family. I received an e-mail from Ofoto after I submitted my order, stating that my order would ship no later than two business days thereafter. The order showed up in my online bank statement. All should have been well.

Apparently, it's not that easy. A very busy week went by, and I realized I had never received a shipment notice from Ofoto. I checked my spam folder to make sure it hadn't slipped past me, and no dice. I went to the Ofoto website, and lo and behold, the order status still showed "Received and in progress." Say what? I e-mailed Ofoto's customer service, and waited two days with no response. On Christmas Eve Day, I e-mailed them again, re-explaining my situation and requesting that they please respond so I could at least have something to tell the family members I had planned to give these calendars to as Christmas gifts. No response.

Yesterday I visited again, to check the order status. "Received and in progress." I noticed on the front page that they are having a New Year's sale, in which you can receive 20% off on orders over $30 (my order totals $79.96 before tax and shipping). At this point I assumed my order was lost, and decided to try customer service once more with a formal request to cancel my calendars, so I could reorder and at the very least receive the 20% discount since they obviously didn't arrive in time for Christmas.

That night, after requesting the cancellation, I received an "Order completed" e-mail from Ofoto. My jaw literally dropped in disbelief. No doubt they were going to charge me the full amount, and I immediately went to the website to write customer service a FOURTH time, basically saying LOOK, you have to at least give me this 20% discount for screwing up my order.

I got my first response from customer service today, saying they have credited me $16.00.


I am one disgruntled customer, to say the very least.


tony said...

this is very sad.

ive grown to like Ofoto but it looks like ive only gotten lucky.


11:38 AM  

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