January 14, 2005

Academic yarn

I have an official love/hate relationship with the local yarn store. I adore the incredible selection, but despise the gaping hole it is burning in my bank account. The only solution, since I don't plan to give up knitting anytime soon, is to find a cheaper online alternative. Hopefully such a thing exists.

The spring semester begins next Tuesday. I am surprisingly indifferent, though I am not looking forward to resuming my rides on the 30 bus. But I have some work from Point Reyes I'd like to print, and I expect my classes to be enjoyable. Here's what I'm getting myself into:

Undergrad Tutorial (Photo)
Tutorials are basically independent study, working one-on-one with an instructor and meeting a few times with the group. I am very excited about having the freedom to work on whatever I want, at my personal pace.
Digital Book
There are two parts to this class: the digital, and the book. One teacher will be working with us on layout and digital printing techniques. The second teacher will show us how to create handmade artists' books. I will end up with digitally printed, handmade books of my photography. No doubt this will teach me a lot.
Art & Anthropology
This is my last remaining academic requirement. Obviously, it deals with art in relation to culture. Did I mention it's my LAST academic requirement? Were I Pentecostal, I'd be speaking in tongues and shouting "Hallelujah!" (It's not that I mind academia, honestly. It's the paper-writing that kills.)



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