January 23, 2005


Back to school, indeed. Classes started on Tuesday, and the two I've attended so far (the third is on Mondays) seem excellent. Since we're just finishing up the first week, I can't say much more than I already have, except that I'm even more excited about Digital Book than before. My teachers know their shit, yo.

Part of my nerdish excitement is spending a portion of my student loan money on a new scanner. My old HP is nothing short of crusty. The glass has fogged, there's dust on the inside, and the output requires hours of retouching. Obviously, I haven't been putting photography online as a result. With a color darkroom at my disposal, though, I haven't felt such a need to digitize my analog color work. But now that I need to begin thinking seriously about creating portfolio books and especially with graduation (goodbye darkroom) looming on the horizon, I feel it's time to invest in something to get me started.

Hello, Epson Perfection 4870. I think I love you.


Lane said...

This comment really has very little to do with your post except that my name is also Lane and I was bored and searching for my own name on the internet.

It is rare to find another Lane in the world (as it is a rare name). I am a 21 year old male from Jackson, Michigan. You can view my site at www.madebylane.com (sorry you can't have the domain).

I also recommend www.staccatomusic.org. I just do.

6:52 PM  
Brian said...

Nice! I'm curious to see how well the medium format scans are.....

7:55 AM  

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