February 3, 2005

Groundhog say what?

February sort of snuck up on me.

The weeks are going by incredibly quickly again. I have something that I should be doing every day of the week, and I tend to forget what day it is. At least I can manage to remember what it is I'm supposed to do or get done.

It's not as depressing as it might sound. I'm doing much better than I was when the week began and I was feeling insecure about photography (again). It's amazing what half an hour with the right person can do to straighten out your deal.

Debra, my Undergrad Tutorial teacher, is great. And I don't only think this because she looked at a photo I took and said it was as good as any photo she'd seen, even a Robert Frank (major fucking compliment). The thing about my teachers is that I feel like when they give me praise, it really means something. They don't dish it out easily. I'm not saying this to emphasize the Robert Frank compliment, because I don't actually believe that I'm as good as Robert Frank. The point is, it feels fucking good to be able to put stock into their advice as well as praises and criticisms. It's not a "what a nice picture," it's a "this is a fantastic image" from someone who knows their shit.

She helped me figure out a few projects to run with this semester, and really hit the problematic nail on the head with each of them. She completely saw through each body of work and where I'd tried to go or why I had gotten stuck and made suggestions on how to proceed. It helped so, so much.

I have a job interview on Tuesday. I'm a bit nervous, as I've never interviewed for a real job. They're interviewing at least two other people. I'm not going to expect to get it, but I think it will be good interviewing experience, if nothing else.

Also, my cute-as-hell vegan Mary Janes were made just in time for said interview. My feet have never looked so good (unless you count stripey socks).


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